We own and operate the highest availability fibre based networks in Romania. Our Dark Fibre provides the secure base layer for a networks customised to meet our customer's needs. Well proven in a range of industries, including telecommunications and energy distribution, Direct One's Dark Fibre is highly scalable, enabling access to additional capacity fast, as needed.

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Key features

  • High capacity intercity bandwidth – N times 10Gbps

  • A transparent, monitored and fully managed service, underpinned by strong SLAs – less than 8-hour time to fix, 99.7% availability

  • Low transmission latency due to coherent technology, enabling faster data transmission

  • Multiple service ports enabling various solution configuration options – 10Gbps Ethernet/SDH

  • Extension from nodes to customer sites available via our Dark Fibre services

  • Available from most of the 50+ cities across Romania


Key features

  • Offering a rich feature set to fulfil a range of requirements

  • Multiple topologies- point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint, E-line, E-LAN

  • Diversity and protected in the core, offering multiple options on availability, from 99.9* up to 99.99%

  • Traffic segmentation through VLAN- meaning multiple connections can be offered on a single interface, with the VLAN defined by our customers

  • Granular speeds, starting at 100Mbps up to 10Gbps so bandwidth can easily scale with business requirements


Our Internet service provides customers with access to our Autonomous System (AS49909) for access to the Internet. As a Tier 2 Internet Service Provider (ISP), Direct One’s AS49909 leverages the combination of direct peering relationships and upstream transit from leading Tier 1 ISPs to provide the most highly connected and redundant solution possible.


If you are already Direct One’s customer, you can benefit from colocation services in Direct One’s Points of Presence at the highest standards. You need a „home� for your equipment? If so, you are mostly welcomed in our locations. We will take care of your equipment like we take care of ours. We have created a perfect environment for maintaining and operating your servers and equipment in the best conditions should you trust us with it.

The Colocation Service provides physical space, the highest connectivity degree to the Internet and Direct One’s network, backup, climate control, security and access monitoring, all available to you.